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Can Someone Recommend Me A Good Supplement?

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Currently on doxycycline and BC. But still having minor breakouts (mostly after my period)... and some redness/scarring leftover from old acne. Is there any (preferably chewable) supplement/herbal supplement that I can take?

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Well there aren't many chewable ones except for a multi-vitamin, and if your diet isn't perfect in my opinion a multi-vitamin can only help. Centrum is the best brand, and most places sell a generic version which is cheaper and exactly the same.

Now as far as other more specific supplements, there are several that you can take but they all have varying effects on different people. I have looked at just about all of them, and several can actually cause breakouts and side effects in some people so anything you're thinking about taking I'd thoroughly research it.

There's only two supplements that I would feel comfortable recommending to you other than a multi, zinc and D3.

The zinc will suppress a hormone called DHT, and in doing so increase your free tesosterone. For most people this is good, as DHT is much more potent than Test in stimulating oil glands, hormonal acne, and hair growth on the face and body (DHT can actually stimulate hair loss on the head in some men interestingly). Most people experience less oily skin and a reduction in inflamed pimples with this. I would recommend 25-50 mg of zinc gluconate once a day with meals. It can make some people a little nauseous on an empty stomach though.

Vitamin D3 is very important for overall skin health; and there's several reports of it helping clear acne and promoting healthier skin in people that are low in it. And if you find it does nothing for your skin, vitamin D3 has a very low incidence of side effects so it shouldn't hurt you but could also help with bone strength and in improving your mood. A large proportion of the population is low in vitamin D, either from not getting enough sun or just not processing it well; I just found out through routine bloodwork that I am low in it and am taking a supplement. I would recommend 1000-1500 IUs of Vitamin D3 in a dry tablet form, once a day.

Of course though, there are exceptions to everything and taking a supplement is no different. Always watch for any negative or odd changes when taking a new supplement.

Hope some of that helps :)

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