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Enriched Wheat Flour & Acne

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Yes! After almost 3 decades with acne I know it's the enriched wheat flour that causes my cystic-ish type break outs.

I say cystic-ish because they feel and look like cysts but don't seem to have puss? it's more like fluid filled and a tiny miniature whitehead but looks and feels as though its a giant puss filled cyst.

I had always heard that your diet did not affect acne but never believed it. Many many years ago I had a neighbour that broke out in cysts when she ate anything containing wheat. So, one day when I felt really bloated, with gas cramps and had several cysts I decided to cut the wheat out as an experiment.

I slowly introduced wheat and bam! an out break. I took it out again and I was okay. Then I introduced whole wheat and I was still ok so, I thought I was wrong. But, as soon as I ate enriched wheat I almost immediately had an outbreak.

It's been about three years since I discovered this and every so often I eat something that is not labelled correctly and I have an outbreak. The outbreaks can happen anywhere on my body; face, back, waist, thighs, but mostly on my face.

I have tanned skin colour and the marks left behind are dark and take years to go away. I am on damage control now for my discoloured skin :(

So, there you have it! It's the ENRICHED WHEAT FLOUR that does it for me!

Anyone else out there with this same story?? My dermatologist thinks I'm nuts. It's mutual because none of the prescriptions that he has me buy work!

I'm curious to know why this happens? Enriched whole wheat also give me break outs. So, is it the ingredients in the enrichment or the white flour??

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yes, yes. a few weeks ago i ate musaka with pita bread. well, i don't eat bread often and when i do, it's the brown rice and millet based bread.

well, the following day i felt a bit clogged up. i figured it was the bread. and constipation doesn't produce lovely skin. lol. so, yes, i feel you with this one. it's empowering to know what does and does not work for you, especially when dealing with ones skin.

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Yes it has been a battle that's for sure.

I just did microdermabrasion a week ago and an intense pulse light (IPL) photo-facial 4 days ago and after one treatment of each I can say that the marks are lighter by at least 30-40%!!

I'm so excited I use less makeup and feel more confident :)

...on the road to great skin after a 29 year battle.

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