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Doxy Or Mino?

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I've had Acne since my early teens, and I'm currently 19. It started as the usual pimples but once I took proactiv I think it got really irritated and started becoming cyctic. Last year I went to a dermotologist and she put me on a few medications but a month or two later she would switch me before I could get an actual result. I was on Mino, then on Doxy, then on this other pill which I didn't know the name of, she just gave me like 60 samples of them from the office, not an actual prescription.

I stopped going to her, but I still see a dermotologist once in a while. I usually just get my refills though. I've been taking Doxy 100mg twice daily and it's worked really well, but when I had lapses before I could get my new prescription filled it would turn really bad. I would get big cysts again. But I know Doxy works well with me because I had practically clear perfect skin a month ago or so, before another lapse. Now I haven't been able to get it completely clear but I hope soon all of my cycts will deflate and none will show up again.

The problem is my doctor wants to switch me to Mino once I finish off my Doxy. I was wondering what would be the best idea for my skin(continuous cystic acne) to be on? Will going back on Mino be good for me? Or should I stay on Doxy?

(I also have a two month supply of Acutane sitting in my room from my old dermatologist who prescribed it but I was too scared to take that due to my history with depression)

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