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Update On My Skin , I Need To Get Rid Of Scars

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I have Oily, Acne-prone & Scar-prone skin. (yay me ;/)

Hi, in July i posted a topic concerning the severity of my acne. I have attached before and after photos. i think my skin has come along way since July. It has only been two months i cannot wait to see how my face will look in 2 more months. i went to the derm and got prescribed an antibiotic called Minocycline 100mg. i also am taking Zinc supplements. This helped my skin in terms of acne breakouts tremendously although it never fully stopped acne from developing the number of breakouts have been seriously kept at bay. However the mino alone did not help. I am also using a tretinoid cream... every other my opinion doesn't do much but i am trying to stick it out. I have also been using Ponds Clarant b3 cream, its suppossed to even out skin tone it has vitamin c and vitamin b3 in it. i think it has been helping.

I also spot treat with Tea Tree Oil or Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask . i do not use the mask as an actual mask because i feel like it doesn't do diddle.

However my DIY masks have been very kind to my complexion. My favorite ones are Tumeric Powder , Milk & raw honey. Also Avocado, honey and lemon. And Banana, Honey and lemon. These are VERYYYYY good masks that you can make in your own kitchen, It's seriously worth a try!! These masks keep your skin looking healthy although your skin is blemished, i havent been using them for enough time to see if they do anything for my scarring =/

I am on a see-saw when it comes to Toners, i want to buy a Rose Water toner but i am currently using a Salicylic acid one of 3% i think it may be too strong =( i'll update on the Rose Water

i moisturize with Proactive Green Tea oil free moisturizer. This is amazing for oily skin, very hydrating without the greasy feeling no breakouts.

i cleanse with my Clarisonic Brush but only at night time along with a Salicylic Acid cleanser (again i feel this is too harsh on my skin im not sure yet) and i use a more gentler cleanser in the a.m...any gentle cleanser will do. Cetaphil is good

i do not have my regimen down packed. Any suggestions?????

anyways i hope i helped someone with this post, if you have any questions PLEASE ask me!!




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What your doing is fine if it works its good your acne is under control if it works don't mess with it

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