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Severe Butt Pimple (Sorry If Tmi)

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hello! i tend to get butt pimples when i start sweating (which usually leads to 2+ pimples forming on my butt/near my butthole..). they're usually pretty harmless --- goes away in a week or two. however, they just also so happens to pop up so frequently that i can't understand why. they're almost always there, just most of the time they're really tiny that i can't even notice them.

last week (or was it two weeks ago.. i can't remember exactly), i got a butt pimple. typical pimple; something you'd find on your face every so often. however, i then went on vacation with my family to Ohio, which involved everyone getting stuffed into a big van; one seat per person for twelve hours straight of just sitting in the car (actually arriving there was a 12 hour travel; second day no big deal; third day was a 4 hour drive to a relative's and then another 4 hour drive back; on the day of coming home was another 12 hour travel).

by the third day-day we left, my butt pimple has gotten SO INFLAMED that it is literally a gigantic bump. i can't even feel the little "bump" on it from the pus of a pimple. it is literally a reddened, purple, stiff, pimple. it is about twice the size of my thumb (no exaggeration, i actually roughly measured). it looks like a bruise than a pimple at this point. it feels like a lump of skin compared to a pimple.

i have no idea what to do. it's painful to sit. this HAS HAPPENED before, where my pimples have gotten so bad that it hurts to sit. butt pimples are fairly common for me. however, i don't think it has ever grown THIS big before. i'm really scared about it.

(more TMI warnings..)

the pimple is located RIIGHT where my underwear/brief edge/crease is (i'm not sure how to call it -- basically the edge of your underwear that holds it in place). literally, if i stand up, the brief edge is exactly on top of it. it even neatly divides the pimple in half.

what i usually do to deal with butt pimples is just wash my body regularly and leave it alone. however, i am so so so so sick of butt pimples because it makes me feel disgusting and honestly the thought of a butt pimple in my sex life... UGH no thank you (tmi again, sorry). and it happens on a decent frequency too!

is it because i wear briefs/underwear?? because i get butt pimples a lot when i exercise and sweat (basically always happens too) and the pimple form like, right where my brief crease/edge is, like i described before.

my current hypothesis is that i get butt pimples because briefs/underwear is too tight on my skin and prevents my skin from breathing properly, as well as trapping a lot of sweat and dirt in with no way of letting it out. that, in addition to sitting around all day (and especially while i was on the car ride) caused the pimple to irritate so much that it has reached this size and severity. also, this area of has also gotten butt pimples before (so i'm assuming it's the same pimple being revived over and over)

should i switch over to boxers? i've never worn them before so i have no idea if it will help

however, i have no idea what to do. i have no idea how to properly treat pimples on my butt. i have no idea whether my briefs theory is correct or not (although i'm pretty confident it is).

what do i do? please help!! D:

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This sounds like an inflammation, maybe a cyst. Don't pop it. I'd go to the dermatologist immediately, as I have a feeling that this is an infection. And if it turns out it's not, then at least you got an answer.

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You got to see a doctor. It may not be a pimple bit a refilling abscess that has to be removed. I had quite a lot of male friends that experienced this, has nothing to do with acne.

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I totally agree with Calumma and i am a nurse. Especially he mechanical irritation+sweat for so many hours could result to nasty things that can't be left untreated, you should go to a doctor.

(Well it's been a month so i hope you did visit a doctor at the right time..)

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