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Get Rid Of Red/brown Marks Completely In 1 Week

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I do not know if I can say that I have acne, but I get a small white pimple like one every three days, and they disappear quite quickly.

I've had quite a lot of pimples before, even small wounds and rashes. I'm 18 now and it has taken me 3 years to get through it. I have done like 5 facials 1,5 year ago and since then I have used Benzyl Peroxide 10% and some acne products from different brands. I don't know what helped me not getting acne, maybe my age.

Well, I even get pimples now and then as I said and I can't hold my hands off the pimples and sometimes I try to squeeze so hard on a pimple that the area around which I pressed my fingers against gets red/brownish. I kinda destroy my skin. (I won't do this anymore) After I pop a pimple it can also get red and turn brown after some days, I'm gonna tell you my way wich is alot faster than letting it fade on how to get rid of it. (I don't know if its better but it works, it dosen't scar me)

I put Benzyl Peroxide 10% (Spread it on the spot then let it dry, then do so a few times so its totally covered in white). Benzyl Peroxide is drying so keep doing that in like 2-3 days until you feel that it gets flaky or dry. After those 2 or 3 days you start moisturizing 1 or 2 days and stop using the Benzyl Peroxide. This will allow you to pull of the skin either by hand or with a tweezer. The top layer wich you dryed out will be pretty easy to pull off. Underneath there will be pink skin that will in no time recover to your normal skintone. (2-3 days)

I do this all the time and it works perfect. I had a huge dark mark on my chin 5 days ago and now its almost recovered to my normal skintone, its a little, little bit pinkish but tomorrow it will probably be back to normal.

Hope this helped.

/ Kev

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No offense, but I wouldn't use a 10% bp medicine. It will dry out your skin way too much. Instead, use a 2.5% bp medicine and simply treat twice a day. This should give you the same results without the terrible side effects.

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