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Probiotics And Selsun Blue

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Okay, just a bit of background info. I am a 25 year old female who suffered from breakouts since the age of 18. I used to have horrible cystic acne on my chin and jaw line which went away after two years. Okay, what I did for that was just eat ONLY salads for 5 days and boom, they were gone and never came back. I dont know how it happened. I have tried everything Proactive, Murad, Differin, antibiotics (only worked temporarily), seasalt baths, etc. my face is now completely clear.

Anyway the post is about my body acne. For the past 3 years I've been getting breakouts on my back, shoulders and even on my bottom. In the summer they would clear up for the most part but would come back BAD in the winter. The last year, I started getting breakouts on my upper arms which are just horrible. They arent cystic but rather balckheads and swollen sebum glans which become red. It is not KP, but I was suspecting it is some form of Folliculitis. Anyway, I tend to pick on them which is a bad habit. They went away once when I was on Keflex (10 days) which I took for my injury, but it ended up coming back. I took keflex again and it didnt do anything. For the past 4 months I've had these really bad breakouts on my arms/shoulders and a bit on my lower back and my upper thighs (which dont bother me at all). Anyway, two week ago I started washing my body with Selsun Blue like shampoo ( Rite Aid version though which is cheaper) and didnt use anything else (i also used salycic acid body wash along with it). It seemed to dry it up but didnt work too good. I then decided to rub the shampoo on my arms and leave it there for 30 min before shower. In the shower I would wash my body with salycic acid wash and then with selsun blue shampoo again. After shower I would put BEnzol Peroxide on my arms. I've been doing that for the past 5 days and results are pretty amazing. My skin structure evened out, there's less breakouts/blackheads. All I have for the most part is my white scars which are annoying. Also, three days ago I started taking probiotic pills (Nutrition Now, 8 strains, 14 billion), I take one in the morning 30 min before breakfast with water, and one at night. It is causing lots of gas, bloating but I am assuming it is working but of course, its too early to tell. I also started taking 2 or 3 fiber chewy gummies from Fiber One for bowel movement which is crucial when taking probiotics. I've been taking fish oil for the past 2 mnths which didnt help me but i'm gonna continue taking it. Also, I'm gonna take zinc which I took for two months before which didnt have any effect on acne at all. I will write updates on how that's going

My regimen:

1) Selsun Blue (rite aid version)- wash my body with it, and also leave it on my skin before shower

2) Salycylic Acid body wash ( called pHisoderm)

3) probiotics -2pills (14 billiom bacteria per pill)- NutrutionNow

4) Fish oil

5) Fiber (2-3 gummies per day)

6) Zinc

7) No cofee or black tea-to reduce sebum overproduction ( I stopped drinking coffee 1 week ago)

Just wanted to point out that the only things I introduced in my regimen are probiotics, selsun blue, and fiber. All the other stuff never really did anything.

We will see what happens. So far the results (past 3 days) are amazing.

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