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Alcohol, Erythromycin, Epiduo -- Too Much?

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Hey guys!

I was unable to cure my moderate acne with over-the-counter stuff and so I made an appointment with a dermatologist and went there last Monday. He told me to stop using any cosmetics, including moisturisers. Instead, he gave me a prescription: Epiduo and an alcohol made by the pharmacy. It is ethanol (70%), 0.5% erythromycin and 5% glycerine. He told me to use the alcohol to scrub my face in the morning and evening and in the evening also apply Epiduo afterwards.

Upon my objection that this will probably be too irritating, he replied that it'd be okay. Now I've been using this for one week and it is okay indeed. The amount of pimples also decreased, although this might as well be for other reasons. My concern is that this will be harsh on the long term. I can't imagine my skin enduring this for several months. What do you think? Is it actually a good idea to refrain from moisturisers for some time while using harsh stuff such as alcohol?

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