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If acne is kinda itchy its that a good sign?

Is it healing?

itchy is a good sign of healing?

-____________- " !

i know it not my regimen b/c its just a simply one,

im not allergic to anything, i eat very healthy.

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Hmm....i've never heard that, but if it is--MINE IS HEALING! lol. I swear the bumps I have (that seem to be going away little by little) itch like crazy...hoping it doesn't mean they're growing! :P

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The terrible breakout I had quite recently got insanely itchy and I was wondering this exact same thing because I hadn't changed my routine and wasn't using anything that should have been especially irritating. A few weeks on from this and my skin is significantly better and the bumps under the skin have practically gone now so in my case I definitely think the itching was a sign of my skin purging and starting to heal. Hopefully it will be the same for you! smile.png

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Current Treatment and Products

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation
Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion
Isotretinoin/Accutane 15mg
Eliminated Dairy

Acne status: Still breaking out horribly and desperately praying that the isotretinoin will eventually clear me.

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thxs for the information :D

ill try not to pick on it :D

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Yesterday, 11:49 PM

I suffered from acne for about 11 years. 8 of those years it actually affected my life for the worst. So much that I wouldnt be where i am today or be the person I am today because of it. That thought of that alone blows my mind away. It still upsets me from time to time because of what I could have done and learned in that time. But as I look at it I would never be able to help anyone like I hope I can.

I havent had acne problems in 10 years. Hell , I rarely use any cleansers anymore. I will pretty much stick to my guns on this solution because anything less would be 10 steps back and I would die trying to help at least one person understand this. Because I know others feel like its killing them or that they want to die some days. I mean I wanted to die but somehow instead I ended up willing to die for this realization... until I gave up. So I will just sum up some 6 principles to healing that came out about from the miracle I had.

Just a few facts that I learned on my own about acne that no doctor could ever tell you because he has probably never had to heal his own acne. (Plus, he would be out of business.)

First before you read this just stop whining. Stop looking for someone to make it go away for you. Its your acne. You're the one who created it ,you're the one prolonging it. Trying to whine about it on here and not take anyones advice that has put an end to the problem even though you "want a solution" is basically saying you want it. To paint a better picture its like paying a personal trainer to get in shape but instead of you lifting the weights you want him to lift them. LOL.

1. Acne is not out there trying to get you. It is not a separate entity from you. It is an extension of you. It starts in your mind ( like any other thing).

Acne thoughts + emotion( "I can't stand acne!") = Acne

2. Since it is in your mind it is created by your thoughts.And since it starts with a thought it can be ended thought.

Acne thoughts - acne emotion( I can't stand acne)= Healing

3. You have an emotional attachment to acne. " I can't stand acne". It must be let go. Forgiven. But first let me emphasize any form of medicine or naturopathic home remedy, or no remedy, you wish to take has to go through this process to heal.

Forgiveness is what heals. Right now you're at "F@ck you acne". when you need to be at "Acne is ok. " Then eventually you will get to "Who's acne?"

When you cut your finger most of the time there is no grudge with the cut , so you let it heal. Its not "F@ck you cut! or F@ck you kitchen knife(well sometimes but only for a minute hehe). When you make up with a friend its not "I forgive you for breaking my Justin Bieber but when you get a chance burn in hell" Its either "I forgive you "or it what I call " No need to forgive because, I was never upset." You simply cannot have peace without letting yourself have it.

4. You have to change your mind about acne. You think it makes you ugly and unattractive. But since your so wrapped up in yourself, you've never bothered to look around and realize theres really no such thing as ugly. There is nothing unbearable to look at.

Think about it. Take a look around at people with it and without it. Does acne change how you feel about them? The ones that do have it can you tell it bothers them? Can you tell how it makes them feel at all? Usually not. And why is that? Because its all in their head! If you can't perceive a problem with your eyes then it must be in the mind, right?

5. Stop resisting the acne. Let it be there. Remember its there because you cant stand it. So for now on tell yourself its ok to have it.

Because it does not matter. ITs like bird shit on a car. Its not going to change how you feel about a car. It would never keep you from buying a car you love. You'd have to scour a car just to see it anyway. If it was a ferrari you wouldn't even care! The problem is taken care of you just need to get out of the way because you have been in the way the whole time by caring about acne.

6.The BEST ACTION to take to release your attachment to it is to affirm : "I don't care if it stays or goes, I'm not going to do this to myself anymore. I going to live my life and be happy." Then start living your life like someone who doesn't have it. Stop putting all this crap on your face. pick one cleanser use it no more than twice a day if you need that to make you feel at ease. Stop looking for zits in the bathroom for an hour. Stop picking. Stop hiding. People that don't have it don't do that crap. So stop taking it so seriously. Laugh at yourself once in awhile and spend time trying to always be laughing or doing something you enjoy.

Keep in mind if you took Accutane or something and it went away, your attitude towards it would be different. You will eventually feel "safe" but it will just take longer and cost more. Eventually you may even forget your grudge and approve of yourself and actually be happy but only conditionally. You'll never know unconditional happiness or love.

So to conclude if you can't understand at least one of these then saddle up for a long ride on a road to nowhere and good luck with your next battle. Acne's cousin cancer.

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