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Update On Spiro And Hair Loss: Good News

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I have good news to share with everyone: the hair shedding stopped! I ended up stopping the spironolactone for just a week because my mom urged me to get back on it and just stay on a lower dose to see if the hair shedding would stop. She didn't want me back on birth control pills unless I gave Spiro a second chance. So I have been taking 25 mg of Spiro for just about a week now and the past few days of combing my hair, showering, etc. I have not lost an unusual amount of hair!!! Yay!!!!! I stopped taking 100 mg on August 7 and then lowered it to 75 mg until August 19 and then quit on the 19th because I was freaking out about all the shedding. What was causing this was the 100 mg so I will never go back on that dose. Also, my skin broke out that week that I quit Spiro cold turkey (19th – 25th) but since starting the 25 mg about a week ago (August 26th), my pimples are all drying up and I haven't gotten any new pimples since starting and this is on 25 mg!!!! I noticed that I was clearing on the higher doses at the 5th month but I never gave the lower doses a chance to work. We need to be patient ladies. If I just took 25- 50 mg for 6 months I could have been clearing and could avoided all that hair loss. I know that my healthy hair will grow back in time but this could have been avoided if I had patience!!!!! I thank my mom so much for forcing me to get back on Spiro and not start bc pills!!!!!!! I just wanted to share my experience so that other women starting Spiro can avoid this dred shed (or any other awful side effects) and just know that being patient will be well worth it in the end. I will update how my skin is doing in a couple months from now again; I promise!

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