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New Type Of Diet For Acne

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I've posted a few times on these forums, I wanted to provide a different type of dietary "restriction" from what I have been doing. I have been vegetarian for almost 8 years. I have restricted dairy for 1 year. By doing that no improvement.

It follows somewhat from Ayruvedic practice of 3 doshas (you can take a test online to see what dosha you are, just google it). there is pitta, kapha and vata.

Apparently if you have acne you are high in Pitta dosha, which means you can and cannot eat these certain things.

In my case I have terrible cold hands and feet, so I had a combination of pitta and vata dosha that was high.

EAT RAW DIDN'T WORK (well for me)

Made my skin worse actually, went to the bathroom atleast 6x/day (sorry i know tmi), felt bloated and extremely tired. Based on Vata diet I should only eat cooked warm vegetables. Made sense and it worked, skin got better. Candida diet didn't work, over eating supplements didn't work, eat lots of nuts didn't work, juicing for 2 and half days didnt work, water diet made me soo tired (it worked though).


Basically I was not able to eat anything cold until I bring my body into balance. According to ayurvedic principles that Milk is beneficial to the body ONLY when its BOILED. This allows the protein to be broken into amino acids for the body to easily to digest. Let me know if it works for you, its worked for me so far.

What time you eat.

Its common sense not to eat before bedtime, but this drastically affects your skin. I didnt actually believe this until I actually tried this out. Heaviest meal of the day should be in the afternoon and lighter meals near bedtime.

Exercise is important, especially yoga (or any low impact exercises). Yoga positions which bring blood to the face allow to the skin to detox.

Kitchair is really good for your body in regards for protein, vitamins and carbs (split yellow mung beans, rice, vegetables, clarified butter, spices/herbs). Eat that every day morning noon and night for several days, skin should clear up .

HERE is link for diet rules

Any comments appreciated smile.png

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