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Scars Will Not Dissappear

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A little bit about me, I am 28 and have had Acne since I was about 12. My acne was worse when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I would get a lot of break outs on my noes and T-Zone. This problem has now disappeared however where I now get break outs is on my cheeks and beard areas. The acne I use to get would always be those large spots which produced a lot of pus however these would normally disappear in a month or so. Since the end of last year however I have had a few spots that have refused to disappear. On my left cheek, I have red marks all along my jaw line as well as a troublesome area just above this. On my right I have a large area about the size of a 50 pence coin and marks on my jaw line causing me issues. Some of the marks are more of a grey colour rather than red and have a dried out texture to them. A lot of the areas will start to look like they are going to fade completely however will never disappear entirely and after a while will redden up again and cause further spots. I did see the Dr Once who gave me some Fucibet cream and medicated moisturiser which helped a little however has not cleared completely. I have also use skin lightening cream this also helped a little. At the moment I putting on a Tumeric face mask on as well as taking Tumeric supplements which I think has also helped a little however I not confident of the red and grey areas healing soon. These marks have been around for coming up to 8 months now and is really draining my confidence. Has anyone else had these sort of red and grey areas that refuse to disappear and also how did you deal with them. I am thinking about returning to the Dr do you think this would be the best idea.



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