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African Black Soap Need Help!

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I have been using African black soap for about 3 weeks now and i have seen that my face has got smoother and almost no pimples. But i have found one thing bad about it and that is that after every time i wash my face with it i get these really small white bumps around my nose and chin that i didn't have just before washing. The ABS im using is not a true ABS since it contains coconut oil and sheabutter.

Could it be so that the cocunt oil is causing this?

I have tried to find a pure ABS made with only cocoa pod ashes, plaintain skin ashes and palm oil but i can't find one sad.png

Does anybody now where i can buy pure ABS online in Europe?

Answers are really much appreciated! smile.png

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Please don't use African soap. I fell in love with it for about 3-4 months and realized it was doing more harm than good. Try something gentler.

And yes, coconut oil can irritate the skin. The only oil I would ever put on my face would me grapeseed oil (even jojoba oil breaks me out). And of course some essential oils like rosemary or tea tree.

Note: I used 100% Pure African Soap

x x Stephanie

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