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2 Weeks Into The Regimen

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A Little About Me: I went off acne antibiotics two months ago, and when my face started breaking out I wanted to try the Regimen. My acne is moderate and I do not get cysts just a lot of whiteheads and blackheads on my T zone. When I get anxious I pick at my skin, so usually my face looks worse than it really is. sad.png I am using Cetaphil face wash + Dan's BP treatment + Cetaphil face cream. Anyone have bad experiences with Cetaphil? (I am new to the brand).

Week 2: Hi everyone! Just wanted to start logging my progress so far on's the Regimen. I am halfway into my second week and so I've read other posts though, and know I need to be patient! The dryness is rough (literally!) and my face is as bad as its been in forever. I am using the Cetaphil face cream on the dry and red patches, but sometime even the face cream seems to flake off. I started out slowly using the BP during the first week, but now have ramped up on the amount. This could be contributing to the increase in breakouts and in dryness this week...? It's hard for me to go out because I feel self-concious but frankly if anyone cares about my flaky skin/ big, red pimples, I do not value their superficial opinion (or so I keep telling myself haha) When did people start seeing progress? Ive heard up to 3 months? I shall keep yall posted.

Later in Week 2: 5 really active red pimples + one very painful cyst that refuses to come to a head (WHY??) Whenever I try to pop it (I know I know I'm not supposed to do that...) clear liquid comes out. ?? grosss i know. Some of the ones from week one have faded/reduced in size and my flakiness is definitely getting better, but the breakout I've experienced this week hasn't gone away yet. Also the redness is so bad agh, i look like i have a weird sunburn. And school's about to start..woopie! Thanks for listening to my weird facial problems... !

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