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Something Finally Worked For Me...

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So, a short backstory:

Acne since - well - 10ish. Put on all the different things available at the time (retin-a, differin, this, that and a mixture of everything). Ended up on accutane at 16. Cleared up after quite a while (not until the last month), but it was effective, and I was totally clear for about a year. It started creeping back... but wasn't really noticeable until 2 years later (at 18). Since then I have been consistently using tea tree oil soap (olive oil based, fragrance free, color free, locally made) at night with a light paraben free moisturizer in the evening during the winter months, but no medicines. (Tried sulphur soap first, but it was too drying). Overall, it was pretty good, not perfect, but better, and I couldn't be bothered to really dedicate myself to finding a really effective solution.

In January I got the Paragard IUD inserted, which I happily chose due to not wanting any more hormones to screw with my system! (I was put on BC for the accutane but reacted pretty badly to it, so I didn't want to take any more chances).

Right after I got it put in I remembered..well.. I am actually allergic to copper. But I didn't want to get it removed (since it was so painful to get put in), so I looked up if there was any way I could help my body stay in balance with all this new copper being introduced and reduce the rejection. And what I read was that I need to make sure I get a good balance of the other trace minerals so I could keep adjusted.

The supplement I found was "Albion Chelated Multi Mineral Glycinate" and I started taking it in addition to my other supplements i normally take: iron, cod liver oil, probiotic, and vitamin C. I started taking this supplement right when I left for a big backpacking trip and found 2 weeks into my trip my skin was completley CLEAR! I attributed it to sun, diet, or water, or different surroundings.. but wasn't totally sure what it was. I realized it didn't make sense for it to be those things, because first of all I was eating WORSE than normal (less vegetables, more gluten, more sugar, etc.) and I wasn't always in the sun, and who can blame ones skin condition on the water?

When I got back from my trip a couple of months later I ran out of my pills and had to wait over a week for the new ones to come. I continued to take my other supplements as usual and my skin broke out again. Small noninflamed spots, some inflamed, very unpleasant and some painful. :( But I just started taking this again 4 days ago and I am happy to report that I am all healed again!

I just thought I might come on here and share what worked for me - over the years I have tried so many things and wondered whether it might be a dietary imbalance, but could never connect it to one thing. Maybe this will help someone else. :)

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interesting. Wonder if you can get this in the UK.. i notice one of the ingredients being

Chlorella (broken cell wall) 5 mg

This is something i was looking into earlier, as i was originally researching spirulina

My Regimen.. accutane

If anyone cares to read this and I manage to stop 1 person to avoid going on Accutane, then its served its purpose.

PM me if you'd like to chat. ACNE is ENTIRELY curable through natural ways. Please don't feel pushed or pressured or helpless that you think you must resort to this drug.

I'm not a crazy natural person (nut job lol) just a 27 year old guy who has been through it all and can offer genuinely good advice. You can see by my profile how long i've been around this forum.

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Olive oil breaks me out like no other. I don't know how your skin can handle it. Personally, I like grapeseed oil.

And I've never had any good results when using sulphur either. I usually get flesh colored bumps all over my face the day after.

And honestly, I contribute acne to diet more than anything else. Your acne isn't caused by external factors, just exacerbated by irritating ingredients, thus spreading the infection.

Do you have any digestion issues?

x x Stephanie

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