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Personal Log!

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Hi everyone! I'm making this log so I can keep a record of my quest for clear(er) skin. All replies, suggestions, etc. are highly encouraged. Let's hope my skin improves the way I hope it to!

Current regimen:

Date: August 28th, 2013

Cleanser: Hylunia's Facial Cleansing Lotion

Prescribed topicals: Epiduo

Prescribed oral medication: none

Other medication: salicylic acid wipes 1%, BP 10% as needed (Epiduo already contains 2.5%, a concentration that's fine for continuous "maintenance" use)

Notes: It seems I'm having a purging stage from the Epiduo. I've read that it lasts up to several months. I hope it's quicker than that! On Monday, I had a terrible experience with a Glycolic acid chemical peel. The left half of my forehead, my left jawline, both temple areas, and the sides of my nose are highly irritated, crusty, and even burnt in some areas. I guess glycolic acid isn't for me! As a result, I've had to cease all topicals until I'm fully healed. I'm treating it as naturally as possible, using Aloe Vera to soothe it as well as an oil free moisturizer for sensitive skin to promote healing. It's such a drawback and I wish I never got the peel! I can only hope that it heals fast so I can continue with the rest of my regimen.

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