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Beyaz Birth Control Log

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Update! Just wanted to write here in case people are searching for answers regarding Beyaz and happen to run across my log.

I am about to finish my fourth pack on Beyaz (on the non-hormone pills today)! On 11/19/25, I was at the end of my third pack and just about to start my period. I had a bit of a breakout then, and had decided to go see a dermatologist. He was happy to see that I was on Beyaz and was especially happy that I told him I was no longer getting regular cystic acne because of it. However, I still had gotten 1-2 random cysts over the course of the three Beyaz packs. I asked the dermatologist for Spironolactone, an anti-androgen medication that blocks the hormones that cause hormonal acne. The dermatologist assured me that I would only continue to improve on Beyaz, but I insisted on trying it because I had read so much about it. He said he doesn't prescribe it to people who aren't on birth control, so I was in luck, and he told me to take 25mg- 2x a day. I started off with that dose, but slowly backed down to 25mg a day-1x a day.

I have not had a cyst since starting it, and my skin only gets better each day. I'm now working on getting rid of my red marks, which I'm doing so by using Differin .1% in conjuction with Paula's Choice 5% AHA. I switch them each night-- so M, W, Th, and Saturdays, I'll use Differin, and then the other days, I use AHA. It's helping!

I will say that I think if I hadn't gone on the Spiro, my skin would still be improving. It would have taken longer, though-- but I don't have much time! I leave for basic training in February (1.5 months)!!! *nervous* eusa_shifty.gif

ADD: Also-- in case anyone was wondering-- my breast size has decreased a tiny bit and they're not sore at all anymore! Thankfully :) My running is no longer affected! Such a relief...seriously...

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