Flesh Colored Bumps/comedonal Acne

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Hi all am new here.

Have battled 100's of these pesky bumps all over my face since I've been a teen am now 32 year old female.

Have tried accutane, lasers, every script under the sun and most worked well but now I'm covered with melasma all over my face.

I'm currently using finacea gel 15% (azelaic acid) but I don't have Rosacea or inflammatory acne. Thus it's not working much for the bumps but seems to be helping the melasma.

Any idea if I can mix finacea in the morning and salicylic acid or benzol peroxide at night?

I need something to get these bumps out and I can't go back to using retinoids.

I also bought a clarisonic with the deep pore brush in hopes it will help.

All my makeup and sunblock is noncomedogenic yet these bumps are basically a

part of me now. The only time they 100% disappeared was during pregnancy!

Please I would love to hear some opinions!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my long story.


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