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Week 3 And 4 Question

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Does anybody know off hand how much benzoyl you are supposed to use in week 3? I am using the squeeze tube and not the pump. Is it half a fingers length 2 times a day or is that too much and how thick do you make the line? Then is it 1 finger's length for week 4?

Is the 1 fingers length the full amount I will use or do I go up to 2 fingers length? I know I've watched videos and I can't seem to find the correct one. If you're supposed to go up to 2 full finger lengths how do you do that. How much do you do each week, how fast do you move up?

I'm on week 2 until Monday and then I'll be on week 3 and want to make sure I'm using the correct amount of benzoyl. Thank you!

I forgot to mention right now I am using a pea size amount 2 times a day.

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