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Breakout After Tca Peel

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Hey everyone,

So on Thursday I got a 25% TCA peel, and I've noticed that I've been getting many little whiteheads around my jaw area. I've read on some websites that "purging" may occur because of the peel revealing acne that was going to appear. It's not bothering me a lot since I have to stay indoors anyways due to my skin still peeling, but I wanted to know if it's normal for some skins to breakout post-peel.

Also, I've been moisturizing these last days due to the peel, drinking lots and lots of water and I wash my face once a day (at night).

So, are breakouts normal after a peel, especially a strong peel like a 25% TCA? Also, when can I expect these pimples to go away? School starts next Monday and it would suck to have all these pimples around my jaw. They're not big, they're just small, reddish whiteheads.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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