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Accutane Day 17

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I decided to take accutane for my back acne, but my face has is totally fine.

So far I am on day 17 with Accutane 40mg, I noticed a lot of gas and constipation, and the urge to burpe a lot. My girlfriend is complaining quite a bit by my vulgarity. My lips and eyes just starting getting dry on day 15, its most definitely noticeable now.

My mood, has been horrible since day 1 but I've just been dealing with it. I've been really tired and not able to work on projects so effectively as I use to. Today I woke up at 3pm, being so depressed.

My girlfriend is totally aware and is being very patient with me.

are these signs that I should just stop? Is there another drug that can counteract the moodiness?

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Its stressed that if you experience a difference in mood, being depressed or changes in activities that you should let your doctor know right away. I am on day 20, and so far I haven't experienced any crazy side effects. If its a huge problem, I would discuss it with your doctor.

Dan's cleanser

Tea tree oil

Accutane (Claravis) 30mg

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