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Chemical Exfoliator Post-Accutane?

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I've been off accutane for about 6 months and currently I rate my acne condition as moderate. I'm wondering should I use a chemical exfoliator to improve my skin condition? My skin is sensitive, quite oily and the surface is a bit rough. I'm thinking of using Hada Labo's AHA+BHA exfoliating face wash. If so, should I use it at night only or twice a day? Thanks.

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Yeah, I would say it's safe to use now. :) I would mix a little bit in with your current cleanser and use it only at night to see how your skin will react. Then you can gradually increase the amount you use, and perhaps, replace your cleanser with it. I actually like Dan's AHA and Walgreen's AHA, which come in a paste. Before accutane, I would blend some in with my moisturizer every night. I thought it helped my complexion.

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Started Accutane (Amnesteem): 25 July 2013

Month 1: 40 mg

Month 2: 60 mg

Month 3: 60 mg

Month 4: 60 mg

Month 5: 60 mg

Month 6: 40 mg


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