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Switching To Organic Produce Has Made My Face So Clear & A Victory About People Noticing My Clearer Skin! :d

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So I know this is kinda late, but the whole organic foods thing was a bit confusing to me.. I wasn't sure what to make of it. If it was really better or not.. I heard of some people clearing their face by eating just regular produce from the grocery store. I was sorta thinking it would work for me as well. As long as I knew where the food came from.. I only bought vegetables that were local from hawaii thinking they were just as good. Well recently, I became very concerned about the GMO thing and started to question my decisions.

A few days ago, I stopped eating all vegetables from costco and only ate organic. I'm starting to see some very positive results. It's like the produce from costco caused some inflammation that I didn't notice before and now it's slowly going away. rolleyes.gif

At the same time I'm thinking.. why didn't I do this before brow.gif kicking myself right now lol

Hopefully eating this way will lead me to 100% clear but I know that there still may be other factors.

Now on to my victory/story haha:

This kiosk guy was trying to sell me an exfoliate thing here is how it went:

kiosk guy: Can I ask you something? What do you use for your face?

me: umm just things from walmart haha.

kg: Walmart?!? Let me show you our dead sea salt products.

me: uhh ok. *tries not to be rude*

kg: how much do you pay for your stuff?

me: $10 - $12

kg: You have beautiful skin you don't need to be using shit from walmart !!

me: ahh I get what your saying but I rly don't need anything at all.. I'll think about it though.

kg: You don't need anything?!

me: yahh I have everything I need. I know I have a lot of dead skin, but that's what sugar is for! Cheap & effective. buy a 25lb bag for $13. And I already have lotion n stuff. He looked sooo bummed. Lol. Funny too cuz right before this happened a customer at work told me I have very beautiful skin! Being acne-prone my whole life that was something really nice to hear lol.

Talk about rejection of conventional 'skincare' cool.png

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