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Switching From Mirena To Skyla?

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I got on Mirena during my course of Accutane. My total dose of 'Tane was ~120 mg/kg. I would have thought that would be enough to nuke my over-active oil glands... not so much!

Here's a post I made on YouTube about my Mirena experience:

Long story short, two months after I got off Accutane I started breaking out again. I was so devastated. My derm said it was more than likely my Mirena. Two days later, and while the device was riding low, I pulled it out (I do NOT recommend doing this--a lot could have gone wrong).

Is any one here on Skyla? It has a lower dose of hormones than Mirena. I loved how fool-proof Mirena was, and really the only complaint I have was my acne! I am interested in trying Skyla but wanted to see if any one here has tried Skyla and run into skin issues as well.

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