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Documentary About Accutane

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Have you tried the little blotting sheets they sell? I've seen women use those, and I think if you just dab/press your face it would affect your makeup very little. I could be wrong though lol.

No, I haven't heard of that. But it'll be only two weeks now until I can start with my accutane course. cheer.gif So I don't need to look into it anymore smile.png

>Accutane does NOT affect emotions. All reports of Accutane being associated with severe depression leading to suicide are unfounded as the drug does not directly "induce" depression. These people are already depressed and emotionally unstable to begin with whether they know it or not - trust me, I have been in the same boat. Emotional disorders are cumulative and take time to build up before they get to a "breaking point" where you experience full blown symptoms. It has nothing to do with the Accutane.

I don't agree with that. Accutane interferes with the production of serotonin in the brain. It can cause depression in some people, however there are just as many who take the drug and are fine.

No study has identified solid evidence that Accutane truly changes brain chemistry or affects serotonin or dopamine levels. There have been reported "links" but nothing has been confirmed 100%. It's sort of iffy to say the least. But I really doubt there's a link.

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There's a few studies on google scholar as well.

People never cease to amaze me. Some with their brilliance, others with their ignorance. eusa_think.gif

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