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Adult Acne Cheat Sheet From A Skincare Expert

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Here's a link to a blog post by an English skincare expert Caroline Hirons. She shares her experience with adult (possibly hormonal) acne and what she does to keep it in check. Lots of topics are covered, such as causes of acne, common myths, supplements, diet changes, and, of course, skincare advice.

Now I am only posting this here because I hope it will help some of you like it has helped me. I have followed Mrs Hirons' instructions for a month now and my skin looks a lot calmer. Probably worth mentioning I don't have severe acne, but what I have still gets me down (at some point I was even advised I should go on Roaccutane). But I can definitely see a difference after I've changed up my skincare and diet using the cheat sheet above.

Good luck everyone!

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