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Differin And Using The Regime At The Same Time

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I have moderate acne. Its the type of acne that comes and goes, although i have never had truly clear skin since i was around 14. I have tried lots of different things to finally and permanently get rid of acne as i am now 18 and dont want to have to deal with acne ever again in my life! Im sure lots of you understand how this feels.

Anyway, i have recently started using differin. I read some great reviews on it and bought the 3% gel about a week ago. The thing is i have also started watching some videos on the regime and seen how well it has worked for some people. I really want to start using but i dont want to stop using the differin.

Do any of you use both differin and the regime? Is it too harsh for your skin?

I was thinking of using the bp in the morning and the differin at night, or switching up the days i use the products so that i do not apply both the differin and bp on the same day.

I would love it if someone could share their personal experiance using the regimen and differin.


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