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Topical Facial Estrogen

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I recently read through a forum on a different website where women were placing topical estrogen on their face. Many of them are middle-aged. Some use a retinoid, then follow it up 20 minutes later with these creams. Many have mentioned that it has great anti-wrinkle properties and others said that it definitely helped clear up their hormonal acne. Several had this treatment recommended by their dermatologist (albeit, old-school doctors). Some used online purchases of estrogen, others used prescription Estrace or Premarin to apply to their faces. I've read studies where it found to have statistically significant effects on aging and boosting collagen. However, "statistically significant" doesn't always mean that it's significant to the naked eye without a microscope.

Has anyone ever tried this? Was the recommendation from your dermatologist? What were your results?

P.S. For anyone considering this, DONT take hormones lightly. Even low dose, OTC estrogen can have adverse effects if you're not taking progesterone as well. Unopposed estrogen can lead you straight to endometrial hyperplasia and potentially cancer. So, this is only after talking with your doctor about it. Even if it's topical, it is still systemically absorbed.

I can't stress that enough.

Start of Prescription Acne Treatments July 9, 2013. Pictures of progress in gallery.

Wash with Clarisonic & Cetaphil
CeraVe Moisterizer (only if face feels dry)
EltaMD Tinted Sunscreen
Birth Control (Not for acne, but for low estrogen)

Wash with Clarisonic & Cetaphil
Ziana at bedtime (1 hr s/p washing)
Doryx 100 mg by mouth

Update: 8/28/2013 - Switched from Solodyn to Doryx. Stopped Aczone.

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