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Tretinoin Gel...does It Work For Very Mild Acne?

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I have mild acne that JUST popped up months ago (I'm 20 and have always had clear skin, what a bummer).

My main problem: tiny nude/pink colored comedone bumps on my forehead. They mainly form near my hairline. There's a lot of them but like I said, they're skin-colored. I also have some annoying pink bumps (also small) that form on my cheeks.


My derm prescribed the generic Tretinoin gel .025% and PanOxyl 10% cream wash. I've read all about Tretinoin from users on here and it sounds like some people get TERRIBLE initial breakouts--and some get no breakout. Likewise, some get the breakout a few days within using the product, others get it for MONTHS after starting the Tretinoin and have to wait MONTHS to see any results!

Does anyone have any idea why that happens? Like, if my acne is mild/barely mild, am I going to break out like CRAZY with huge cystic zits? How do I tell how long this is going to last? My derm said nothing about breaking out but since my face isn't bad to begin with, I don't want to make it worse--for ANY period of time.

(I've been using it for 4 days, I put it on every other night. I've noticed some dryness and a little more breaking out than usual but it looks like it disappears after I put the Tretinoin gel on it!)

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