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Cyproterone Acetate - Opposite Effect? A Little About My Experience W/ Acne

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Hi everyone,

I registered today in this community, and i'm amazed about all the information you can find here smile.png

A little background first: I'm 24 y.o. and i have acne since 13 (after my 1st period). I must say that i never went to see a derm, mainly because my mother (and everyone in general) would always tell me that it was an age problem, and it would go away. Also, i'm now skeptical about going to the derm, because for what i know, in most cases (at least in my country) , they just make us try this and that to see what works, instead of making some tests/exams to figure out the root of the problem first.

I first saw my GP (about my acne) when i was 16 , and he looked at me and immediately prescribed BCP (Diane 35) and said i would end up with clear skin. After some time (a couple of years) i quit taking it - i was always forgetting to take it and i didn't saw any improvement on my acne, except for my back acne.

While taking Diane35 my skin was still oily, with a lot of blackheads and some inflammations. It did nothing for my face acne. I was always self conscious about it and it really affected me and my social life (more in my teenage years than now, i must say).

At the age of 21 i started taking Diane again (for birth control purposes), and my back acne disappeared, but my face acne was still there. Last year, my acne started to concentrate on my jaw line and lower cheeks (while still on diane). I get flesh colored bumps (comedones) very easily and i always have a couple of pimples. Blackheads are all over my forehead, nose and cheeks. And i'm really prone to hyperpigmentation..

Early this year, my gynecologist changed my BCP to Ethinylestradiol 0,02mg + 0,075mg gestodene (according to her, i was taking diane for too long - 2years) and prescribed Cyproterone Acetate to control the acne and also the body hair for 6 months as a treatment. Worst thing ever!! It's suppose to be taken at the first 10 days of the BC pill every month. First month, i was experience very bad skin, but i thought it was because of the new skincare products i was using.. Second month, i experienced that again. I didn't change anything in my skincare. I looked at my calendar, and saw that this skin rage happened in both months while taking Cyproterone. Bingo! Stopped it immediately and saw improvements after that!

What I experienced? Extremely oily skin - half an hour after i washed my face and applied my skincare, i could feel the oil forming and i felt like my skin was melting. Awful!! My skin tone was very strangely uneven. I got red bumps all over my forehead (where i never break out - except when i'm using something that makes my skin react), dozens of flesh colored bumps all over my jaw line and lower cheeks and like 6 new pimples here and there. My face was never like this. I tried to cover with makeup but it would only accentuate my textured skin. I felt sooo bad about it.

I kept using the skincare items that i knew wouldn't break me out, and started to use Effaclar Duo and Triacneal (not at the same time) to try to repair the damage of my skin. I knew quitting Cyproterone was not enough to repair it, it was just too bad. In one week i definitely saw an improvement, and now, almost three months later, my skin tone is more even, my pores shrank, less oily skin, less in number and less visible blackheads, and less breakouts. But i still have persistent comedonal acne in my jaw line and lower cheek that one at the time become inflammed. About two weeks ago i started to use aspirin in my toner, and again it has done some improvement, but not a cure still. Even though i finally end up using a lot less makeup, i'm still self conscious about my skin, and i'm starting to do more research about the possible internal causes. I cannot leave the house without make up on, and being able to do so, it's my goal now... I'm not looking for perfect skin, but for OK skin.

I ordered a zinc and copper supplement (NOW Foods) to try because i heard such good things about it, and it seems suitable for my case... So, i'll be updating about that.

I believe my acne is hormonal, but i'm not sure. Some signs say it is, but some put me in doubt. So, this is where i'm asking for some advice.

My clues:

- Oily skin, Acne

- Back acne

- Face and body dark hair (belly, back, chest) - a little thicker than peach fuzz

- I'm skinny: 108 pounds; 5,21 feet tall

- Before BCP my periods were regular (they remain regular)


- Mood Fluctuations

- Cramps on the 1st day of period

- I don't have PCOS

- Seborrheic dermatitis (scalp) - It's been worse now since the beginning of summer

- Cyproterone didn't worked - i see a lot of people talking about Spiro, so what about Cyproterone?! Has anyone used it?

- Diane 35 didn't do anything for my acne on the face or for my oily skin

- I didn't experienced any huge break out after quitting diane35

- i only started to use makeup on a regular basis at the age of 21.

- I am very consistent with my skin care, i never sleep with makeup on. I always make sure to use skin care and makeup that is suitable for my skin type, non comedogenic and oil free.

- I change my pillow cases every three days, i use a specific towel for my face and change it every three days. I disinfect my makeup tools after each use and always wash my hands before touching my face. I don't pick my blemishes and try to not touch my face.

- I tried a lot of topical solutions, including BP, Dalacin T, etc.

I'm starting to think that i'm not in the right BCP for me...but how do i know that? Even doctors keep prescribing different pills until they find one that works for that person -.-' I feel good with the current one, but my back acne came back...

If zinc don't do anything for me, i will finally make an appointment with a derm after summer to hear about a specialist opinion. But i'm hoping someone can give me some "lights" about my case?

Thank you! smile.png

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This is so interesting because I JUST came across Cyproterone Acetate yesterday as a treatment for acne. It sounded a lot like spironolactone. I'm sorry it didn't work for you. Do you think it could be something other than hormonal? Maybe an endocrinologist can help?

they just make us try this and that to see what works, instead of making some tests/exams to figure out the root of the problem first.

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They are both anti-androgens, so i think they work the same way, but i heard that Cyproterone is stronger... It's not the same hormone, i guess. Also, it seems that it's not available in the US.

they just make us try this and that to see what works, instead of making some tests/exams to figure out the root of the problem first.

This is true in some ways. I wish there was a way to diagnose the cause of acne with 100% certainty. The best doctors I've dealt with want to know history and information about you. They don't just auto-prescribed a treatment without getting to know the patient so than diagnose the potential cause, then provide the best treatment, because you are right: trial and error method is frustrating, but sometimes that's what it ends up being anyway. It's so frustrating.

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