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New On Regiment, Need Some Answers Please

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Hi everyone,

i just ordered regiment, and i have a few questions

(sorry about my english, i'm french, i will do my best ;) )

- can i expose my face in the sun?

-can i remove my hair from my face with wax (eyebrown, mustache)? i know that regiment will do my skin very dry and i'm afraid to "snatch" my skin by using wax

-at the beginning do we have suddenly a lot of acnee (more than usual)?

-currently i have others products prescribed by my dermatologist (an antibiotic : tolexine, an gel: erythrogel) do i have to stop using them?

thanks a lot!! :)

ps: if you have any advice to give me, do not hesitate!!!! :)

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Try not to let the sun hit you directly as it will burn faster then normally. If you don't get breakouts from sunscreen throw some on.

I say finish first your dermatologist prescription medicine and if they don't work then give the regimen a try.


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