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Holistic Dermatology - Supplements.

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Hey there! I just stumbled across a blog that talks about a "vitamin cocktail" that helped clear her acne. Consists of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Zinc and Borage Seed Oil

Here is the link:

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Basically, she went to a holistic dermatologist who then put her on these supplements and she claims her skin cleared up! So, I'm very interested in trying this "cocktail" daily and seeing what my results are. I think it's an excellent change from all the chemicals I'm putting on my skin (that don't really seem to be helping).

Has anyone tired this?

Do you think I could add Fish Oil and Vitamin D as well, or is that overload? Ex: Fish oil with Vitamin E may be too much oil??

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vitamin a and zinc always break me out, but I love the Borage seed oil I take 1000mg daily, that along with 500 mg black currant oil seem to be really helping me

give Zoe's cocktail a try and keep us posted

oh and by the way, I don't take fish oil (also breaks me out, which is why I went on Borage and Black Currant) but adding the vitamin D supplement, if you know you are low is a good idea I'm sure

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