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My Acne Condition. Please Help!

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Hello Guys! My name is Giuseppe, I'm new to this forum.

I wanted to tell you about my acne condition... So, I have a high concentration of acne on the sides of my jaws.

I was way worse last year but after I've followed a cure, everything seemed to go better. This summer, things have gotten a lot worse.

I must say that I go to the beach almost every day but I use a high level protection specifically for my face. I've started following the Regimen since two weeks. I use Benzac 5% for the benzoile peroxide, the Dermoxyl as cleanser and Cetaphyl as moisturizer. I actually use Endocare but since I'm waiting for it to arrive at the store, I'm using the other one. Anyway, even though my jaw line got less bumpy, a lot of red marks remained.

I would like some serious advice regarding this since I'm desparate. Please help me and ask if you need additional information.

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