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Need Some Answers!

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I wanted to ask a few questions before I start with this new regimen.

FYI: I am 16 year old (turning 17 in a month), male and exited about hopefully getting a cleaner and better looking face without acne! smile.png

Ok, first of all, I've read through most of the pinned topics, but they are different from others in one way or another. A lot of people have their own regimen so it makes me confused on how to start off my own (???). I understand that everybody have their own skin-type, but still not sure which way to go sad.png

My skin is kind of oily, especially if I spend more than an hour at the computer. I usually get very oily skin if I do sports or other stuff outside that make me sweat. This is something I hope BP will take care of.

Anyway, lets get to the real questions.

First of all, can I use "Cover sticks" to cover my pimples and red marks or should I simply just use The Regimen (basic 3 products) and nothing else? I would totally hate myself if I would go to my school with out it, as I tend to use it everyday (even during weekends if I'm going out ofc). Currently only using the ACO "Spotless Treating" Cover Stick.

Oh, I also use Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream and a little Basiron (10% BP) tube against spots/pimples (pustules) that I only put on top of them, obviously. Guessing I would have to stop using these while using the 2.5% BP from Dan?

I have mild, sometimes moderate acne. A lot of blackheads on my nose and some around my mouth, but not really anywhere else. I usually get some nasty papules on my cheek or around nose. Sometimes I've actually got it around and behind my ears and especially on my neck. Can I use BP behind/around my ear and on my neck as well?

Currently, I only wash with water during mornings and then I apply a kind of "special" moisturizer that contains snail slime (hah, sounds nasty I know) and aloe vera on dry spots. Guessing I should have to stop with this as well when I use the Regimen Kit? Read somewhere that aloe vera isn't good combined with it.

During nights I wash with all kinds of gels and I just realized that I've been doing it wrong by always rubbing them in too rough (now I know why my face always got red and never better heh). Really hoping that this new regimen will work!

Finally, I live in Europe, in Sweden to be precise. Is it possible to ship over the products here? How much would it cost to ship over (in $) counting the shipping cost and the Regimen Kit?

If anybody have any questions then feel free to ask and I will try to answer.

Hoping to get some answers, thanks for reading!

Edit: Terribly sorry if I posted this in the wrong section, I recently joined the forums!

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I forgot to mention another question as well. I'm a bit worried if I would begin with this regimen and then quit anytime in the future and that my acne would return even stronger. Is it worth taking the risk? Meaning that I'll have to depend on BP for the rest of my life?

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Having acne is tuff. I wouldn't focus on trying different regimens. But you need to find what works on you. Everyone skin is different.

Try using 2 full bp pumps day and night and 2 full pumps of cetaphil moisturizer mixed with 30 drops of jojoba right after the bp drys. And use CVS oilpads to take away the shine from the moisturizor.

The first day I did this regimen my breakouts instantly stopped and my pimples healed. If it doesn't work on you the first 3 days. Then start the regimen with small doses of bp. And hope that it works in 3 months.


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