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Nodular Pimple? Please Help!

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Long story short... I think its a nodule pimple ? Accidentally scratched what felt like a small scab off in my sleep a few days ago and I had a small scab for the last few days.

Just cleaned my face and felt liquid under the scab and felt allot of pressure so I got a clean needle and make a small opening next to the scab and with tissues squeezed some runny but sticky gunk out and a bit of runny blood. It looked like just an open hole at the end... No puss or oozing so I've put some clearasil on it and left it for the night.

The area around the pimple sorta feels like a small ant bite? Like its a little warm and firm? Is that just from me popping or is that more to come out?

And yes I know popping is a no no but desperate measures !!

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