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Epiduo Breakout On Week 6!?

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Hi everyone!

So basically I had light acne for the last couple years. Then a couple months ago it started getting really bad on my jaw and side of my forehead. I went to the derm and he prescribed me epiduo.

For the last five weeks it got clearer and clearer and It was almost all gone. On the downside, I still got pimples, but they were not red bumps, they were the painful deep under the skin ones. I was pretty happy: I didn't even go through the purging/peeling stage.

However a couple days ago, my face suddenly exploded! The area of my jaw came back even worse than before! And I have big red painful pimples covering nearly 2/3 of my forehead!

Ughhhh. Now it's worse than before I went to the derm. I read that most of you had the purging stage by 3 weeks. Is it possible that my purging stage is just really late? (6 weeks)

Should I continue use of the epiduo and just wait it out or take it as a bad sign and stop?

BTW here is my regimen:

Morning: Cereve or purpose cleanser then complex 15 moisturizer

Nite: purpose cleanser then 15 minutes later apply epiduo

Thanks guys!

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I am using Epiduo for one week now and my skin is irritated, red and peels! Your purging state is just late. Every skin reacts differently.

I've read that most of Epiduo's users were satisfied after 2 or 4 months. It depends. So I think that you should continue applying Epiduo and wait.

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