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Clogged Pores? Close Comedones? Milia? What Is It?

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I've been suffering from this for years and i'm still not quite sure what it is.

its basically like that all over my face.

what is the problem exactly? clogged pores? closed comedones? millia?

are these virtually the same thing? how do i fix it?

I guess these days my face is on the oily side, but i've always had these flesh covered bumps. when i go to them with a blackhead remover sometimes white gunk comes out but i dont think the bumps themselves really go away. exfoliating makes things better temporarily but i will feel the bumps again in time. sometimes they form whiteheads but most of the time they just stay there, jutting out under the surface. they have totally ruined the texture of my face.

can someone help?

i have considered using jojoba oil and/or a dead sea clay mask but i'm not sure if that's the way to go after reading things around this forum.

my lemon/honey mask has really only helped my redness so i dont know if its worth continuing either

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I think it is a zit. You can continue using lemon/honey mask as it helps with redness. With the zits, you may want to use essential bar from buzzy's essentials as facial soap, tone with dickinson's witch hazel and moisturize with emu oil. I used to have the same on my chin and forehead like what you have. It is now gone. Thank's to the all natural regimen that i am using day and night. Try it too.


My current regimen (Day and Night)

Wash: The essential bar from Buzzy's essentials *Moderator edit, URL removed – please read the board rules*

Tone: Dickinson's witch hazel

Moisturize: Emu oil


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I believe they're clogged pores. My forehead was similar to that and it lasted for 2 months. It really took patience for it to go away. I researched on a lot of forums and ran across a product olay microdermabrasion scrub. I think it really helped. My skin is now smooth on the forehead. I'm just left with the scars. I also used 5% BP on it every night.

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