Is This A Scar Or Is It Still Healing?

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  1. 1. Is this a scar? Or something else?

    • Yes. It is a scar.
    • Yes. It is not a scar YET, but it will eventually be.
    • No, it is not done healing. It will not scar.
    • It is still healing and will blend in, but is a scar technically.

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Hi guys,

I used to comment here a lot 7 years ago. I always had good skin until after high school when I became reclusive (depression). My skin still remained good for several years after.

Eventually though, after becoming more neurotic (and developing OCD), I began to pick my skin. I'd think that a tiny spot was a big deal.

I thought if I could just scratch it off, it would heal over brand new.

So stupid, but I was in an irrational state of mind.

I eventually went back to school and am almost finished. However, along the way I still had the same kinds of problems. The difference I suppose, is that I was able to compartmentalize my problems better instead of letting them take over my life.

That being said, I'm still depressed about the scars I got from picking.

Anyways, here's the run-down.

I've been getting laser hair removal (LHR) treatments lately. I began 3 months ago. A month after my first treatment, I noticed a small black speck on my jawline:


As you can see, I have brown skin (Indian descent). I'm 28 years old.

The black spot was not a big deal at all. It looked worse in person though. The pictures make it look way better.

I scratched this spot repeatedly. It got blacker and I ended up blackening healthy skin too:


Eventually, I scratched that black strip of skin completely off. There was no blood. It seemed very superficial.

While it was initially healing, I moisturized the area regularly. No scab formed. It healed from the bottom, up.

Now it has been 7 weeks. This is what it looks like now...



My question to the forum is:

Do you think this is going to scar? Is it possible it may blend in?

The color of the tissue is beige. Pale.

It's not brown like my surrounding skin. It's texture is not like the surrounding skin either. At the same time, it's flat and doesn't stick out like a hypertrophic scar.

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I can't even see what you're talking about. If you're worried it's going to become a hypertrophic scar, get some kelo-cote or some other silicone/scar gel and use it on the spot for a few months.

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it's not really sticking out

i am just worried about the color now

it's gotten a lot better but i just want it to blend in color-wise

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