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How I Solved My Adult Acne

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I wanted to share with you what helped my skin. I've been having "adult" acne, I'm at my 20s, I'm 25, and I didn't get it...

so I tried peeling and all kinds of stuff... but my acne disappeared most strongly when I drink at least 0.5 to 1 liter of water a day, it gives me the fastest result. even if I have a new one forming, I just drink a lot, and it passes within half a day to a day.

other than that, I started taking omega 3 supplement, I take 1 pill a day, with 120 DHT, and 180 EPA, with a meal it helps too, but I think the water got a stronger effect.

I peel regularly now, with a 10% glycolic acid, and I cleanse my face with a salycilic acid+lactic acid cleanser, but even if I skip this - the strongest effect is from water, but it helps, I'm sure.

I drink 0.5 liter before I go to sleep regularly, sure, it may make me wanna pee at the middle of the night, but my skin feels better and acne free.

I'm 157cms, I weight about 48kgs, female, so do keep in mind if you're bigger, you'd need more water. I got a combination skin, with a very oily T zone. It's very hot summer here, so take that into consideration too.

If you got any questions, feel free... and I hope this helps. it's really easy to test this, if you drink that much water and see a change within a few days, then that's the problem smile.png

I figured it's water, cause my sugar level is usually higher before a blood test if I don't drink enough, and it's known acne IS affected by sugar levels, and I heard that water helps cleanse excess hormones better.

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