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My Success With Acne

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Hi, I am new to this forum so apologiesif it's in the wrong section, but I would like to share my success story. Skip to the end on what I used, rest assured I am not selling any product to profit myself. I have been battling acne too and this is what I found to help me.

I’m male and live in UK, 19 years old. I am half chinese and half viet, I’m just giving this information for any who can relate to me. I have had acne for about 2 years, and around last year it started to get real bad. I actually left my workplace just to avoid people for 6 months, before I had to courage to go back to school and finish my studies (even with the acne). My acne was under the skin and red, with the occasion cyst like ones. But in general it made my cheeks and nose blazing red.

I started to do a regime, I have not used Dan’s one so I can not say. So when I was about 18, I thought I had to do something about it. I finally got the courage to go to the doctors and they prescribed me with lymecycline, a type of antibiotics and this zinc ball roller which you apply on your face (I forgot the brand name). This worked for a good week, and I started to see massive improvement. After that, it went downhill and started to get very bad; I even went to the doctors again after a month and he offered the antibiotics again saying they take time. I tried it for the month, didn't work. I went back again and I asked him for benzoyl peroxide giving it a second shot. This was when things started to change. The first time I tried benzyol peroxide was a long time ago when I had a bit of acne. I got over the counter one at asda, 10% bp. It was a water based gel. It didn’t work at all, just dried me up and made me red. (

When I said I’ve tried it all, I have literally tried it all (within my reach). I’ve tried proactive, cetaphil, t-zone, no7, Neutrogena, simple, eucerin, bio oil. I have tried each of those for over a month each, or until their usage, so please do not assume I just arbitrary buy these in hope they will work magically in a week. I even bought Lumia clear light therapy and tried it for 2-3 months, with little result. I tried face masks, queen jelupe and even Korean branded ones such as skin food. I tried laneige product too in hope of getting that Korean skin I see in drama/movies. I’ve tried the no diary thing, and drinking plenty of water, taking vitamin d tablets… All to no avail and you can imagine the amount of money I spent.

So I went back to benyol peroxide, but trying a different brand which I bought at my local pharmacy, now I buy on amazon. For face wash I use oxy with benzoyl peroxide and for moisturiser I use olay which I followed suit from my mum who has very good skin. Just for myself personally I use cure natural aquagel which I bought on yesstyle which was recommended by bubzbeauty which was the reason why I bought the laneige product (which didn’t work for me personally). But I don’t think the aquagel is essential, just needed an exfoliator.

I know this was a long read, but seriously, I understand the pain of acne. I was afraid to go out, and what people will think of me. My skin was normal before, and then suddenly, acne struck and everything changed. My outlook on life changed. I tried to use my hair to cover my forehead and around my temple. But thanks to those, or maybe those you can find similar. I had to share my success so people can try these too. I hope it works or has given you some encouragement. Thanks

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Good to hear that you have found what suits your skin. I would also want to share mine as i also suffer from breakout from the past few years. I am just glad than with the regimen that I am using now, my breakout started to be minimized. It was when i started using the essential bar from buzzy's essentials, dickinson's witch hazel toner and emu oil as moisturizer. It is so far the best one that suits my stubborn acne with acne prone and sensitive skin. I highly recommend that others would give it a try too. :)


My current regimen (Day and Night)

Wash: The essential bar from Buzzy's essentials *Moderator edit, URL removed – please read the board rules*

Tone: Dickinson's witch hazel

Moisturize: Emu oil


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