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Having Success With Supplement Combo From Naturopath

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Hey! So my acne started back in march, after trying out first time birth control and staying on it for a week, stopping because of explosion of acne I had never experienced before. Then immediately following a taper of a corticosteriod called prednisone, because my doctor thought it was a rash on my face that was some sort of allergic reaction--which was false. It was acne..

Theres the background... So I've experimented on my own with different supplements--fish oils, multivitamins designed for skin health, etc. I decided that although my acne was definitely recovering on its own with time, (I believe since my periods and hormones were very on point before, my body would eventually sort out this disturbance on it's own) I wanted to speed things up, obviously and help optimize my health, hormonally and generally to make sure I don't have to deal with the emotional trauma of acne again once i'm clear..

So I went to a naturopath who kept me on the fish oil and evening primrose oil I was taking-- so I have my omega 3 &6 covered for inflammation. We also agreed i was probably estrogen dominant because of the pms symptoms I have, and she started me on Vitex, otherwise known as chaste berry. I am on a great multivitamin from whole foods, as well. And last but definitely not least-- Vitamin D3.

Every day I'm getting 5000IU of Vitamin D in the morning, and although it's been only a week (too soon to tell, I know) I'm seeing improvements for sure. I'm thinking that the only supplement I'm taking that could swing into effect so quickly is the high dose of Vitamin d.

I did some research about prednisone and it is said to severely deplete people of vitamin D.

I was wondering if anyone else has had success with vitamin D, if these results are totally unrelated and I'm getting my hopes up.

thanks !

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