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Okay so my name is kayla and I am 16 year old. I had perfect skin until I hit puberty going into sophomore year of high school (I know I'm a late bloomer). The summer going into sophomore year I started getting pimples on my chin. These continued through the year until about march when all of a sudden I had the worst breakouts all over my forehead. It was everything from cystic to pustules. I was always so embarrassed and my self esteem dropped really low. I would wear makeup to cover it up but it always looked valet or shiny or uneven and everyday after school I couldn't wait to get home and wash it off and be in my room alone where no one could see me. I never really had a skin care routine and I think that definitely contributed to my problems. But anyway, I tried the acne free face wash from neutrogena and I liked it okay but it dried out my skin and so then I went through a phase of having gross peeling skin around my mouth and it was so bad I can't even begin to explain my self consciousness. It got so bad that I decided I needed to go to extremes. I decided to try AcneFree. I got the sensitive kind because I didn't want peeling skin again, and followed the directions for about 4 days. Then my face started to burn when I was using it and I realized what a horrible thing I was doing to my skin. There are so many chemicals in that stuff and if you want your skin to be nice to you, you have to be nice to it. So I threw that away and my breakouts continued and then I went on a vacation to Utila, Honduras. I did lots of swimming in the ocean and basking in the sun and by the end of the week I had the clear beautiful skin I had always dreamed of. I was so happy and my self esteem was through the roof. Unfortunately this only lasted me about a week after coming home because then my face returned to its usual breakouts. So that's my story of what I've tried and what didn't work and what did. Now I'm using yes to tomatoes daily clarifying cleanser and the pH balancing daily moisturizer. I couldn't be happier. Every night I shower, wash my face, when I get out I wipe down with witch hazel and then apply my moisturizer. I have had clear skin for most of the summer since changing my routine to yes to tomatoes but early this week I broke out. Partially because its my time of the month and partially because I went to the watermark and had some junk food while I was there(diet does matter!!). So all my pimples are gone but I am left with red marks as usual. Now, my red marks are just surface spots nothing pitted or anything like that. I have tried many home remedies and my favorite is banana peels so google that it's amazing but what I really just found is better. I read about putting on a blob of moisturizer on a red mark and that would allow the skin to do the healing on its own but a little faster. I decided to try this using my yes to tomatoes pH balancing daily moisturizer. OMG. My life has been changed. It's 12:03 am and I just made an account on here so I could tell people. My red marks are fading so fast!!! DO THIS! Just take a day off and stay home and put a blob on each red mark and then as soon as it soaks in put a new one!! I'm going to bed and ill update in the morning!! So happy!!

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