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I Have A Confession To Make

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I'd never tell anyone about this in real life, but I'm sure I'm not the only one...

Breakouts/pimples/zits bother me. A lot. I mean really a lot. So much that I cannot resist; I must pop them. And when I pop them, they take, on average, 20 days to completely heal. And this is not acceptable. I want to somehow mitigate this.

See, this is the only reason I wear makeup. To cover a place where I popped a zit while it heals. The makeup makes it take longer to heal though. And the makeup causes more breakouts. So.

There has to be another way. Is there some type of "super fast healing accelerator" thing I can buy that will make me heal up much faster? Or is there a way to cauterize it without causing an ugly scar? Or is there some way besides makeup to cover it up?

I must find alternatives besides waiting 20 days and using makeup. Help!!!

- I have insulin resistance and high DHEA-S as indicated on my fasting insulin test and DHEA-S test.

- Acne clears up almost completely when low carbing.

- Quit Retin-A 0.05% and experienced no changes.

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Sadly, there is no "magic" cream or potion that will make it heal super faster. The only thing that can heal your body is your body!

By giving your body the essential nutrients it needs, your body can heal itself faster.

I would be taking:

20,000 IU vitamin A

50mg zinc picolinate

200 IU vitamin e

1-2g vitamin B5

as well as the rest of the essential 90 vitamins/minerals/EFA's your body needs, but those I listed are extra important for acne sufferers.

And the most important thing of all...


The biggest culprits are grains, soy, and dairy.

I highly recommend going on a paleo diet and eliminating problem causing foods. Make a diary and record how you feel a few hours later after you eat. Did you get any bloating, gas, burping, heart burn, etc? If so, that is a food you have to eliminate.

Best of luck!

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Well they always say its better to just leave it but that's almost impossible for some spots so the best advice I can give you is

to get a needle and one of those extractor tools from amazon or they probably have them at some pharmacies

-clean them with alcohol

-puncture the pimple with the needle

-use the extractor to get the puss out, if you have trouble getting anything or if blood comes out stop pressing

-clean the area with whatever facial wash you use

- leave it alone until all the extra stuff comes out, you can periodically dab it with a tissue or something

Then what I use which is something I've never seen mentioned on here for some reason ( but I'm sure it has been ) are these little, clear, circular bandages made by Nexcare. There sold just for popped pimples but only in Asia, so you need to order them off of eBay which is pretty easy. Anyway if you pop the pimple right before bed you just put one of the bandages over it while you sleep and when you wake up the bandage will have absorbed any extra puss while protecting the wound which reduces healing time. Also, don't put any topicals or moisturizer on top of the spot either because the bandage won't stay on.

I'm not saying its a miracle product or anything, I just think that's the best way to take care of a pimple that you need to pop. I hope this helped, good luck.

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We have little circular bandages in the US too... not sure if they are the same thing, but I've put one on a popped zit overnight when I know it was going to continue to ooze.

Use a lot of hot compresses before popping them... they'll break more naturally and be quicker to heal. Just get a washcloth, leave the hot water running, and rewet the washcloth now and then, and press it against your face, against the zit.

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