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My Journey And Lost Hope

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Hello everybody smile.png

I wanted to share with you my story and I'm hoping to recieve from you some advices and support. I was struggling with chin acne for about a year, but it got worse couple months ago.

I think my case is special, because I've never seen here somebody with similar problem. I don't quite get new pimples, but I have A LOT of deep, closed comedones (clogged pores). Some of them are really big. And if I won't do something with them, they stay forever. Even if they turn into inflammed whitehead (thanks to azelaic acid and tretonin) and go away, there still something remain under my skin. And stay for other few months.

Also I have four deep, hard nodules for six months! They sit deep under my skin, they were inflammed, but calmed down and I can just feel them.

What I use:

  • Cream with Azelaic acid 20%
  • Tretonin 0,05% but only on this comedones, to make them go away


  • Cetaphil MD Dermoprotektor (moisturizer)

I'm using this since 5th June 2013. Now I'm starting week 6. I have about 7 closed comedones, this four nodules I wrote above, and few acne marks with something under it.

I have pictures but I'm afraid of putting them, maybe someday I will have courage... I will write if something changes, but I lost hope sad.png

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