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Insurance For Accutane In California

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Hello, I'm Arthur

This is my very first pot on

I'm 28 and i've been battling with acne since i was 15 (It's been 13 long years and It's just tyring). I have a very greasy skin which I think has been one of the major contributing elements of my acne and moderately greasy hair . I started spotting acne on my back a few years back but now it's totally rare. I've also had acne on my chest for a short period of time and it was so rare but its almost gone now.

I have acne under either sides of my jaw which is painful and hard to treat.

I've tried so many things throughout the years from doxycycline to tetracycline to prescribed and over the counter Benzoyl peroxide to Glycolic acid and so forth. At best, they all seem to work as long as I take them/rub them on my skin; As soon as I'm done with them, my skin would breaks out again.

I'm living in Los Angeles and I'm trying to get on accutane but because of my weak insurance plan (which is free) I CAN'T.

I have a kind of insurance that is even worse than a cheap HMO,

But enough is enough. In the past year I've got two major breakouts on my nose which has left a small meat-like lump on two places on my nose that seems permanent. Is there any way to make them disappear?

My main questions are about the cost of acne. My current primary medical center processes everything so slowly and I just can't wait that long.

1:What is the most inexpensive insurance I can get that will (at least mostly, if not completely) cover Accutane and 2: How to convince my derm/primary doctor to prescribe me Accutane?

Please reply if you have any information. Thank you in advance.

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