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Acne On My Chin And Below My Lower Lip

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I have acne pretty much underneath my lower lip and on my chin. The rest of my face stays pretty clean. I have a few small ones on my cheeks and one that is currently on my forehead. But other than that they never show up on those areas and they don't look as bad as the ones on my chin and under my lip. Does anyone know of a good way to clear these? I have been using BP and Honey. Plus I have a cleanser that I use in the morning. My face also feels dirty all of the time so recently I have been washing it three times a day. Is that too harsh? I also just got put on birth control because my acne gets worse during my time of the month. I know it is too soon for anything to either show if it is helping or not. But for those of you who have been on birth control how long did it take to see an improvement or no improvement? Thank you for the help.

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