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Thinking About Going On Bp Again

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Hi everyone,

Not sure what the point of this post is really, maybe just to vent a bit...

I have had acne for about 12 years now (I'm 28) it mainly affects my face, upper back and upper chest. I get the occasional bit on my arms and thighs.

Diet seems to be a major trigger including the following foods:



Animal fat


Olives and olive oil


Nuts and seeds


Beer, ale, cider, wine (spirits less so)


Possibly nightshades (not absolutely confirmed)


Eating any type of food to excess especially carbs or eating a lot of food (if I drop my calories down to about 1500 a day I have good skin but get too skinny)

So cutting out the above has cleared the majority of my acne but it is a pain to be so strict especially if you're travelling etc I also still get a few spots every week or varying severity.

A few years back I used Oxy products (face wash & moisturiser) which I believe contain BP and it worked well although it left me with dry skin and I think I was building up an intolerance to it. The only reason I stopped was I had to go on chemo for cancer which left me with amazing skin (not after chemo though).

I have also tried the standard spot sticks and blue/red light therapy which didn't seem to have much effect so I'm thinking of going back to BP (even though I don't really want to put all the chemicals on my skin again) however I'm having to import it through amazon as you can't buy it over the counter without a prescription here anymore.

Does anyone have any advice or comments about any of above?


EDIT: To add I try and get plenty of sleep, exercise, fresh air and never touch my face unless I have just washed my hands. I also tried strict paleo diet for around 6 months but that gave me really bad acne.

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