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Help: Hydrocortisone

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Hi to all!

Need some help. Had 2 whiteheads a couple of days ago (pustules on my cheek, with a very white top).

The area were not really swollen, and I did not pick. Unfortunately, the whiteheads disappeared, and the pustules remained and refilled. Yes, I am in for 2 nice cysts.

I was tired and just popped.

A bit of blood came out and I guess I got them out!

It was a little painful. I used Q-Tips so it wasn't easy and had to force a bit.

Cleaned the area with Tea Tree Oil. Was stinging, but it is quite ok.

Now the areas are very red and messy.

Have some hydrocortisone cream, but not sure how to use it.

Put a dab on the popped pimples and let it absorb?

Or massage the cream in?


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