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Allergies / Sensitive Skin And Choosing A Cleanser / Moisturizer..

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People can indefinitely develop allergies, and perhaps one of the allergies you have unknowingly developed is to an ingredient in your face wash or lotion? It could even be one of those impossible-to-pinpoint ingredients. :\

That's what I ruled when using a cleanser and moisturizer set from my allergist. This stuff works WONDERS.. it's called "Free & Clear" and it's the mildest thing you could ever use.

So whether you're on the regimen or not, you should be using a mild cleanser with non-irritating ingredients, duh.

I bought both the cleanser and the moisturizer through Amazon, it's not CHEAP but it's definitely not expensive. It makes my face feel super clean. But the moisturizer is a liiiiittle heavy. You will definitely need to allow it some drying time. But lemme tell you as of recently I could not be happier with my skin (unless of course I never got acne to begin with).

It worked with both my body and facial acne. Just trying to help someone else out. And it's not like this could hurt your skin IN ANY WAY. Unlike the lemon juice facials, salicylic acid scrubs, tea tree oil spot treatments, and any of the other countless harsh products I've put on my face that claimed to be helpful or mild.

x x Stephanie

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