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Cured! Vitamin D3, Calcium & Magnesium

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the d3 really does help! and possibly cutting out dairy because of the hormones in milk smile.png

Yes. Also, the amount in the milk is negligible.

And the RDAs for D are too low. They were set when they knew very little about the many things it does. And like with most nutrients, they were set at the level to prevent some specific and acute disease that were once observable in cultures here and there where it was common to be deficient. Like with vitamin C and scurvy in sailors. They are are rarely adequate for long term optimal function and health. Although, the need for some is way overblown. Like Calcium. You don't need that much calcium. What you need is the other minerals involved in bone formation and function and to not consume so much of things that leach calcium from your bones. Like soft drinks.

where are you getting your information from? the amount of hormones in milk and dairy is not negligible.

I was talking about the amount of vitamin D added to milk. It is useless as a source of vitamin D.

in that case, i totally agree and i apologize for questioning you like that.

God bless :)

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